Stages of AMD

There are two types of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), usually described as either “dry” or “wet” (see Figure below).1,2 In the dry type of AMD, areas of the macula get thinner and deposits of fats and protein, called drusen, develop under the tissues of the retina.1,3 In the wet type of AMD, abnormal blood vessels grow under the tissues of the retina.1,2 These abnormal blood vessels can leak blood or other fluid, causing scarring of the macula.1 Both types of AMD can cause severe vision loss, affecting central vision but sparing the peripheral (side) vision.1,4
  • “Dry” (atrophic) AMD: Approximately 80% of people with AMD have the dry form, which can slowly progress to late- (geographic) or end-stage disease2
  • “Wet” (neovascular) AMD: Although the wet form is less common, vision loss can be faster and more severe; about 90% of cases of legal blindness caused by AMD are due to this form2,5
Figure: Parts of the eye and the effects of macular degeneration6

Although AMD has 2 types, it also can be separated into 3 stages2, 7-12:

  • Severe dry AMD (also called geographic atrophy), with retinal tissue thinning involving the center of the macula​
  • Wet AMD (also called neovascular AMD)​
Although people with early and intermediate stages of AMD rarely have symptoms, people with severe or wet AMD usually do experience symptoms.13 Earlier diagnosis and appropriate treatment helps maintain better vision.14


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